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Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist

Urologist: Michael Rotman, MD -  - Urologist

Urologist: Michael Rotman, MD

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As men and women age, they can experience a reduction in some of their body’s most important hormones. Men experience a decreased stamina, a loss of sex drive, and even develop erectile dysfunction, while women experience vaginal dryness, bone loss, and hot flashes. If you believe you might have imbalanced hormones, contact Urologist Michael Rotman, MD, in New York, New York, to find out if hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Men and women experience different symptoms as their hormones begin to deplete with age. For example, men with reduced testosterone are likely to experience fatigue, depression, and erectile dysfunction. They might also deal with:

  • Low sex drive
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Decreased body and facial hair

Women, on the other hand, experience a reduction in estrogen and progesterone and are likely to endure hot flashes, breast tenderness, and mood swings. They might also experience:

  • Reduced bone mass
  • Irregular or absent periods
  • More urinary tract infections
  • Painful sex due to vaginal dryness

All of the above symptoms can severely hinder the quality of life for men and women. Luckily, Dr. Rotman offers hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to restore the body’s natural production of hormones to normal levels.

How is hormone replacement therapy administered?

Dr. Rotman can deliver HRT through several different methods. They include:

  • Skin patches
  • Skin-absorbed gels
  • Oral pills and injections
  • Mouth patches for the upper gums

Dr. Rotman will consult with you about your treatment options. He’ll review your medical history, perform an examination, and take blood to test your hormone levels. Once he determines you have a hormonal deficiency, you’ll be able to begin treatment.

Men who have undergone HRT usually experience an increase in their energy levels, sex drive, and quality of erections. It can also help build their bone density, muscle mass, and insulin sensitivity.

Because estrogen helps regulate how women’s bodies use calcium, HRT can assist in strengthening a woman’s bones and raise her levels of good cholesterol. It can also increase vaginal lubrication during sex.

Are there risks associated with HRT?

Men who get testosterone replacement therapy may experience rash, itching, or irritation where the testosterone is administered. There is some evidence that suggests there may be an increased risk of heart attack or stroke associated with hormone replacement therapy. It can also worsen certain diseases, such as:

  • Benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Prostate cancer
  • Sleep apnea
  • Blood clots
  • Congestive heart failure

Women who get hormone replacement therapy may experience:

  • Bloating
  • Breast swelling or tenderness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vaginal bleeding

Women who have blood clots, cancer, heart disease, or strokes should not use hormone replacement therapy.

Contact Dr. Rotman today -- or book an appointment online -- to restore your hormone levels.