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Erectile Dysfunction Specialist

Urologist: Michael Rotman, MD -  - Urologist

Urologist: Michael Rotman, MD

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) can simultaneously hurt your self-confidence and your relationships. Luckily, even for men with chronic erectile dysfunction, there’s treatment available to restore blood flow to the penis so they can have a happy, healthy sex life. If you want to cure your ED once and for all, contact Michael Rotman, MD, in New York City, to learn more.

Erectile Dysfunction Q & A

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is not able to achieve or sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. It could be due to several factors because a lot goes on in your body to help you achieve an erection.

When you’re aroused, nerves go off in your brain, causing blood to flow into your penis. Several conditions can prevent this from happening, including:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

However, sometimes erectile dysfunction is not mental. Physical malfunctions can prevent blood from properly flowing into your penis.

For example, diabetes can damage the blood vessels that help get you ready for sex. Other diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction include:

  • Kidney disease
  • Nerve and brain disorders
  • Blood vessel diseases

Most diseases that can slow the flow of blood in the body can make it difficult for your body to prepare for sex. That’s why maintaining normal blood pressure and low cholesterol is essential for a healthy sex life, as these are common causes of ED.

How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

To give proper treatment for your erectile dysfunction, Dr. Rotman needs to know the root cause. He begins by learning your medical and sexual history. Knowing about any past surgeries, medications, injuries, or lifestyle choices may give Dr. Rotman a better idea of what’s causing your erectile dysfunction.

He then performs a physical examination of the affected area to make sure it looks normal. He also checks for indications of any hormonal problems, such as hair loss or abnormally large breasts.

He will likely administer a blood test to check for heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or hormonal problems that can cause erectile dysfunction. Then, using a penile Doppler ultrasound, he examines the blood that flows in and out of your penis. This helps him to determine whether the root cause is mental or physical.

How can I treat my erectile dysfunction?

Depending on the results of your tests, Dr. Rotman may suggest you make certain changes in your lifestyle. For many, quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and switching to a better diet are all effective ways of curing ED.

Dr. Rotman may prescribe you a medication, such as Viagra®, which can help you achieve an erection. Viagra works by using nitric oxide, a chemical that naturally occurs in the body, to relax penile muscles and increase blood flow. However, when using Viagra, you still need to be aroused to achieve an erection.

If your testosterone is low, Dr. Rotman may prescribe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help correct this imbalance.

Contact Dr. Rotman today -- or schedule an appointment online -- if you’re interested in curing your erectile dysfunction once and for all.